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Course Overview

Building upon the versatile skill set acquired during your undergraduate studies, our MA in International Business Management at Concreted Education offers a transformative opportunity to deepen your understanding and adaptability in today’s global economy.

Throughout the program, you’ll delve into the evolving dynamics of the global/local marketplace, exploring traditional export/import operations, international expansion strategies, and the burgeoning realm of e-commerce. With a focus on international customer relations, you’ll examine customer relationship management, service delivery, and the intricacies of cross-cultural management within diverse international business teams. Moreover, you’ll delve into the intricacies of International Business strategy development, encompassing acquisitions, global partnerships, supply chain management, and joint ventures.

Equipped with a comprehensive understanding of these complex international issues, you’ll emerge with the strategic acumen and creative problem-solving abilities needed to drive positive change and enhance business and management practices on a global scale.

Key Areas of Study Include:

  • Evolution of Traditional Export and Import Operations
  • Harnessing the Opportunities of E-commerce for Businesses
  • Meeting the Needs of International Customers
  • Developing International Business Strategy, including Acquisitions, Partnerships, and Supply Chains

By engaging with these critical topics, you’ll cultivate both core and specialized skills essential for advancing your career in leadership and management within a global context. At Concreted Education, we empower you to thrive as a forward-thinking leader, equipped to navigate the complexities of today’s interconnected business landscape and drive sustainable growth and innovation.

Career progression

Upon completing our MA in International Business program at Concreted Education, you’ll be primed for a wide array of dynamic career opportunities across various sectors. Here are some key roles you can pursue:

  • International Business Manager: Lead and oversee the strategic direction and operations of multinational corporations, ensuring alignment with global market trends and objectives.
  • Strategy Consultant: Provide expert guidance to organizations on navigating international markets, and developing innovative strategies to drive growth and competitive advantage.
  • Global Market Analyst: Analyze market trends and dynamics on a global scale, providing insights and recommendations to support informed decision-making and market entry strategies.
  • International Business Development Manager: Identify and cultivate new business opportunities in international markets, forging strategic partnerships and expanding the organization’s global footprint.
  • Cross-Cultural Management Specialist: Manage diverse international teams effectively, fostering collaboration and synergy across cultures while navigating cultural nuances and differences.
  • International Trade Specialist: Facilitate import/export operations, ensuring compliance with international trade regulations and optimizing supply chain efficiencies for global business operations.
  • Global Supply Chain Manager: Oversee the end-to-end supply chain process, optimizing logistics, procurement, and distribution strategies to enhance efficiency and minimize costs on a global scale.
  • International Marketing Manager: Develop and implement marketing strategies tailored to diverse international markets, driving brand awareness, customer engagement, and market penetration.
  • International Finance Manager: Manage financial operations and strategies in a global context, including currency risk management, international taxation, and financial reporting compliance.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility Manager: Lead initiatives to promote sustainability and ethical business practices across international operations, ensuring alignment with corporate values and social responsibility goals.

By leveraging the comprehensive knowledge and skills acquired through our MA in International Business program, you’ll be well-positioned to embark on a rewarding career path in high-level leadership and management positions across diverse sectors, shaping the future of global business and making a meaningful impact on a global scale.

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