BA (Hons) Marketing

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3/4 years



Course Overview

The BA (Hons) Marketing program is designed for individuals aiming to build a successful career in the dynamic field of marketing. This three-year undergraduate course provides a solid foundation in marketing principles, consumer behavior, digital marketing, and strategic brand management. Through a blend of theoretical insights and practical experiences, students will develop the skills needed to create effective marketing strategies, analyze market trends, and drive brand growth.

Career progression

Graduates of the BA (Hons) Marketing program will be well-prepared for diverse roles in the marketing and advertising sectors. Possible career paths include:

  • Marketing Manager: Developing and executing marketing strategies to promote products and services.
  • Brand Manager: Managing brand positioning and ensuring consistency across all marketing channels.
  • Digital Marketing Specialist: Creating and managing online marketing campaigns, including social media, SEO, and email marketing.
  • Market Research Analyst: Conducting research to gather insights on consumer behavior and market trends.
  • Advertising Executive: Planning and executing advertising campaigns across various media platforms.
  • Public Relations Officer: Managing the public image of organizations and handling communications with stakeholders.

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